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Shamrock Technologies Launches CeraSperse 87NS Non-Skid Wax at ECS 2017 

Shamrock Technologies is best known for its waxes, which provide slip and abrasion resistance, but the company’s newest development provides just the opposite.  

CeraSperse 87NS offers a high COF while maintaining high gloss. It is ideal for wet non-skid.   
“CeraSperse 87NS is our latest development,” noted Joon Choo, VP of Shamrock Technologies. “Shamrock is famous for slip and abrasion resistance, but our customers also wanted a non-skid wax for coatings for airplanes and high-end flooring such as automotive showrooms. CeraSperse 87NS is particularly good for wet non-skid, as it enhances resin performance when it is wet.”  

Also new from Shamrock Technologies is its Shamrock’s Haptic Feel texturing stir-in powders consisting of polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, PMMA and modified PU polymers in a controlled range of particle sizes.  

XT-1010, XT-1012 and XT-1017 are a blend of PTFE and wax and provide a combination of slip and abrasion resistance.

“Our XT Series of Haptic Feel products provide excellent feel, and offer very good burnishing resistance,” Choo said. “We offer them in solvent- and water-based formulations.”  

Also new this year is XR-156, a micronized polyethylene wax powder that provides abrasion resistance and matting in water- and solvent-based wood coatings.

(Coatings World)

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