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Shamrock recommends the use of PTFE to provide performance properties such as wear resistance, slip and anti-dripping. 

Shamrock micronized PTFE powders are used to provide performance properties such as wear resistance, surface slip, and anti-drip. These free flowing powders are normally pre-mixed into master-batches or compounds in the resin of choice at levels from 20-40% by weight, to facilitate uniform distribution and performance in the final part.


MicroFLON® S-Series

MicronFLON® S products are made from suspension grade virgin PTFE powders.  In thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers, MicroFLON® S facilitates lubrication and wear resistance. They may be easily compounded for use in nylon, PC, POM, ABS, PBT, blends, and select grades are suitable for high temperature engineering plastics such as PPS, PEEK, and PEI.

MicroFLON® S powders are prime PTFE micronized to various particle sizes.
Typical Properties Method MicroFLON® S-203 MicroFLON® S-205 MicroFLON® S-207 MicroFLON® S-211
Particle Size Mean Value ASTM D-4464 15-25 µm 10-20 µm 10-12 µm 4-6 µm
90% of Particles Under ASTM D-4464 40 µm 35 µm 20 µm 10 µm

MicroFLON® and NanoFLON® for Food Contact

These MicroFLON® and NanoFLON® powders are micronized PTFE designed for food contact applications. These PTFE additives are recommended for thermoplastics and elastomers to reduce friction and enhance anti-wear properties.
Typical Properties Method MicroFLON®    
NanoFLON® 101T
Particle Size Mean Value ASTM D-4464 4-6 µm 10-12 µm 6-9 µm
90% of Particles Under ASTM D-4464 10 µm 20 µm -
Primary Particle Size SEM N/A N/A 0.2 µm
FDA Status - 177.1550 177.1550 177.1550

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Shamrock pioneered the development of PTFE and wax additives in the 1970s, first for inks and coatings, and later for a wide range of applications including lubricants, personal care products, polymer additives, and many more.

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Top-notch customer service is our bottom line, and a key driver behind Shamrock's significant commitment to research and development.

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