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Paste Inks

Shamrock products provide the rub resistance, slip, gloss and clarity needed in most publication and packaging printing.

Small quantities of wax provide rub resistance, but reach a limit at around 3%. Large quantities of wax reduce gloss. Small quantities of PTFE increase the rub provided by wax and allow the use of less total additive to preserve gloss as shown in the curve to the right.



Web Offset, Heat Set Printing Inks

Shamrock originally developed SST-® PTFE powders based on recycled PTFE. For ease of use we offer FluoroSPERSE ® PTFE dispersions for high rub paste inks. Lower cost dark colored versions are available, as are special custom made products.

Desired performance Property Product Recommendation
Rub/Scratch/Mar resistance and Slip


Sheet Fed Ink Systems 

Shamrock S-Series waxes range from low to high molecular weights and offer a balance in the slip and rub resistance requirements for sheet fed offset inks. Special blends containing natural as well as high melting waxes offer additional properties for anti-blocking and high rub inks. Addition of FluoroSPERSE® PTFE dispersions will further enhance the high rub.  Shamrock CeraSPERSE® products are pre-dispersed waxes formulated in specific oils and varnishes for easy incorporation and compatibility with the range of sheetfed and heatset inks. 

Desired performance Property Product Recommendation
Rub/Scratch/Mar resistance AND Slip CeraSPERSE 171, CeraSPERSE 442DVSST-3, SST-4, SST-3PS, SST-3P, SST4, SST-4PFluoroSPERSE® 966FluoroSPERSE® 8233, FluoroSPERSE® 7908FluoroSPERSE®153V FluoroSLIP® 421


UV systems 

Shamrock “MG” grades of micronized powders are used for effective COF reduction in UV inks and overprint varnishes, with minimal impact on the gloss and the rheology. These waxes may also be used as matting additives. Special Texture Powders will offer differing surface look and feel for UV Screen Inks and varnishes. CeraSPERSE and UltraMatte compounds are specially made for easier incorporation. 

Desired performance Property Recommended Products
Scuff, mar resistance and anti-block CeraSPERSE UV 636, FluoroSPERSE UV 808
High gloss, Scuff and mar resistance CeraSPERSE UV 691
Controlled matting effect UV OPV. UltraMatte UV 50 GDA
Powdered products for Rub Resistance and Slip S-394 N1 / N5 / SD4 /MGS-395S-379, SST-3

CeraSPERSE Wax Compounds
These polyethylene compounds are the next generation of Shamrock S-Series polyethylene powdered waxes. They provid excellent slip, gloss retention and rub resistance at addition levels of 5-8% based on formulation. The CeraSPERSE line is available in hydrocarbon varnish, linseed oil, lithographic oil and soya varnish. these compounds facilitate ease of addition to offset ink during any stage of ink manufacturing. For example, they may be added directly into the mixing container with resultant savings in ink batch weigh-up time compared to powders. CeraSPERSE compounds are available in paste or pumpable forms. These may also be made with customer selected vehicle. Click here to see this product line.

CeraSPERSE products are highly recommended for Intaglio application. These easy to use modified wax compounds are unique mixtures of synthetic and natural waxes in aliphatic ink oil used in security offset printing.

SST® Series PTFE
The SST Series is Shamrock's premier line of micronized PTFE for exceptional slip and rub resistance. Each powder in the series features a closely defined mean particle size with a narrow, uniform particle size distribution for enhanced manufacturing control of your process and ultimate ink performance for your customers. PTFE is insoluble in all solvents, even at peak melting tempuratures up to 600ºF. Products such as SST-4, SST-4P are highly recommended in this application. Click here to see this product line. 

S-Series Synthetic Wax Powders
These stir-in PE and synthetic waxes promote outstanding rub resistance and slip. They exhibit limited solubility in solvents, thus avoiding recrystallization that may cause grind or recoatability problems. Our exclusive processing assures a narrow particle size distributiion consistently time after time. Synthetic waxes are typically combined with PTFE for high slip in heat set lithographic inks. Products such as S-394 and S-395 are highly recommended in this application. Click here to see this product line

FluoroSlip® Series PTFE-Polyethylene 
The FluoroSLIP series of stir-in PTFE/wax blends is custom designed to deliver the optimum balence of slip and rub resistance by varying the molecular weight of the wax component to best suit the ink and drying mechanism. Therefore, the FluoroSLIP blends provide cost efficient performance needed for your formulation. They are available in powder form as FluoroSLIP series and dispersed in the vehicle of your choice as FluoroSPERSE dispersions. Click here to see this product line. 

FluoroSPERSE® PTFE Dispersions
Shamrock dispersions incorporate the high qualty PTFE from our SST series in a pre-wetted form offer maximum handling efficiency while providing exceptional slip and rub resistance. This product line is comprised of  white or toned PTFE in a variety of heat-set vehicles, including viscoelastic hydrocarbon varnishes, linseed oil, lithographic oil and soya varnishes. These dispersions increase efficiency in high volume, automated printing ink manufacturing processes. Since they are pre-wetted, they also boost effectiveness in flushed color lithographic inks. These products are available in paste or pumpable form. Click here to see this product line. 

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Shamrock pioneered the development of PTFE and wax additives in the 1970s, first for inks and coatings, and later for a wide range of applications including lubricants, personal care products, polymer additives, and many more.

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