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Powder Coatings

The Power of Wax in Powder Coatings Picture7.png

At Shamrock, we work closely with our powder coatings customers to minimize the impact of abrasion and mar on finished products. We also offer unique texturing agents that develop tactile surfaces ranging from coarse to smooth finishes and are suitable for use in a wide variety of baking conditions. Shamrock additives are ideal for a broad spectrum of powder coatings applications, including general industrial, appliance, metal furniture, electronics, farm equipment and automotive OEM and aftermarket parts.

Discover the Shamrock wax advantage

Wax additives are used to improve mar and abrasion resistance in coatings. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a very cost-effective texturing additive for powder coatings. It offers performance advantages in powder coatings, such as ease of incorporation, excellent recoat adhesion and cake-free powder transfer. Our products offer the following benefits:
bullet2.gifReproducible and uniform texture bullet2.gifActs as latent solvent.
bullet2.gifLow coefficient of friction (COF) bullet2.gifImproves flow of cured film.
bullet2.gifOutstanding mar and abrasion resistance bullet2.gifKeeps the film open reducing  gassing
bullet2.gifCost effectiveness bullet2.gifImproves slip and mar resistance
bullet2.gifSuitable for high bake temperatures bullet2.gifUseful tool for controlling gloss
bullet2.gifPrevents agglomeration of finished power bullet2.gifHelps transferring of powder from hopper


What is Outgassing?Picture8-(1).png

Outgassing occurs when gases are releases through a powder coating during the curing process; leaving behind pin holes.  Moisture or corrosive material could penetrate through the pinholes corroding the part.

Degasifying Waxes:

Waxes allow the coating to remain soft and “open” during the melt and cure cycle. This open phase allows the volatiles to emerge through the coating. Once this occurs the coating; the wax reflows filling the voids left by the emerging gases. Products such as S-379H, S-363, S-400 and SPP-40 are recommended for this application.

resize_TU2A0329.jpgAbrasion Resistance:

Abrasion results from scuffing, scratching, wearing down, marring, or rubbing away. Products such as S-395, S-512, S-363, SST-3 and FluoroSLIP® 511 are recommended to provide abrasion resistance.

Slip ControlPicture4.png

Micronized PTFE powders improve the static, but not the dynamic coefficient of friction. PTFE is generally used in combination with other waxes such as carnauba or polyethylene. Products such as SST3, Fluoro P-77, S-394/ S-395 are highly recommended to provide slip control. 

Additives recommended for thermosetting powder coating:
  • Anti-mar/Slip Improvers to impart scratch, abrasion and mar resistance
    • Fluoro C-369 — PTFE micropowder with narrow size distribution and mean value of 3.6-3.9 microns. It provides high abrasion and scratch resistance and reduces coefficient of friction
    • FluoroSlip® 511 – PE/PTFE for improve Metal Marking
    • S-394 / S-395 — Medium and High MW PE Wax for improved slip with minimal haze formation
  • Texturing Agents provide consistent and uniform texture. PowderTex fibrillates during extrusion process, has very high oil absorption. The PTFE adsorbs the resinduring the curing process and does not interfere with the extrusion to provides reproducible and controlled texture and matting effect.
    • PowderTex 61 – Specially processed PTFE with low melt flow index. For satin gloss (15-25°) and controlled texture.
    • PowderTex 94 – 100% PTFE, Same as PowderTex 61 but a silky tactile feel
  • Anti-Blocking Additives prevent adhesion of two adjacent layers.

Shamrock additives for slip and mar resistance

Fluoro C-369 PTFE additive
This specially formulated PTFE based wax additive is used to increase abrasion resistance and maintain high gloss. It also helps to improve block resistance. Applications: appliance, general industrial, OEM, and aftermarket automotive parts

SST® series PTFE additives
The SST series additives are produced when using a special grade of PTFE characterized by low oil absorption. As such, they do not affect the surface profile of the coating and are recommended for applications in which smoothness and mar/abrasion resistance are prime concerns. These additives are provided in various particle size ranges Application: general metal coatings

S-Series high melting synthetic waxes
These micronized waxes promote slip and improve abrasion and mar resistance without affecting gloss and re-coat adhesion. Some may also prevent package and fingernail marring. Recommended products for powder applications are S-379H, S-394N5 and S-395N5. These low density polyethylene waxes vary in molecular weight, hardness and melt point for use in a wide range of applications.
Applications: Metal furniture finishes, general industrial and electronics

Shamrock Texturing agents
PowderTex 61 Texturing agent
This specially processed PTFE with low melt flow index is ideal for processing.  PowderTex 61 fibrillates during the extrusion process. It adsobrs resin during the curing process and does not interfere with extrusion. it provides satin gloss, and uniform texture. Applications: General metal finishes, OEM and aftermarket automotive parts, farm equipment and electronics

Incorporation tips
A key benefit of these additives is that they are easy to use. They are micronized to small particle sizes. For the best results, we suggest that all of these additives be incorporated in the pre-extrusion blend. Recommended additive level is 0.5% to 3% by weight depending on the performance requirements 

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Shamrock pioneered the development of PTFE and wax additives in the 1970s, first for inks and coatings, and later for a wide range of applications including lubricants, personal care products, polymer additives, and many more.

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