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Coil Coatings

Processing speed, manufacturing efficiency and uniform product quality have been the hallmarks of the coil coating industry. At Shamrock, we specialize in providing micronized waxes and fluoropolymers that enable coil coatings to maintain their integrity. Our slip aids and abrasion resistance additives protect your coatings by providing improved weatherability, durability and enhanced appearance in coatings applications as diverse as roof decking, auto exhaust systems, beverage can ends, appliances, venetian blinds, lighting fixtures and toys to name a few. We offer a full range of waxes and wax blends for water and solvent-based systems in particle sizes from submicron to 300 microns. Our additives can be used over aluminum or steel substrates and incorporated into the backer coat, primer or top coat. 

Discover the benefits of Shamrock waxes and fluoropolymers:

bullet2.gifMaximize gloss retention bullet2.gifIncrease or decrease COF
bullet2.gifLower gloss with burnish resistance bullet2.gifEliminate blocking
bullet2.gifImprove mar resistance bullet2.gifImprove flow and leveling
bullet2.gifEnhance abrasion resistance bullet2.gifMaximize metal marking resistance
bullet2.gifImprove water repellency  

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Abrasion Resistanceresize_TU2A0329.jpg

Abrasion results from scuffing, scratching, wearing down, marring, or rubbing away.  Products such as S-512, S-275, S-395 N2, FluoroSLIP 511, and SST-3D are recommended to provide abrasion resistance.

Slip Control

Picture4.pngMicronized PTFE powders improve the static, but not the dynamic coefficient of friction. PTFE is generally used in combination with other waxes such as carnauba or polyethylene. We offer blend of PTFE and waxes in different form: FluoroSLIP® 421 or FluoroSLIP® 511, FluoroSLIP® 515, FluoroSLIP® 605. They improve the slip, gloss retention and present good abrasion resistance in coil coating application.

Scratch/Metal MarkingPicture3.png

  • Ability of coating surfaces to resist to marking by metal. It is related to the hardness, the pigmentation, the coefficient of friction, and the topography of the coating.
  • We recommend micronized wax products such as S-379H, S-394N1, FluoroSLIP® 225, S-NAUBA 5021, and PTFE products such as SST-2 and SST-3

Water Repellency

Wax additives such as Hydropel GP, Hydrocer QB, Hydropel AF can change surface energy of coatings allowing for water repellency. Pre-wetted dispersions such as Hydrocer 145 or emulsions such as Hydrocer EE-95, Hydrocer EP-91, and Hydrocer EC-35 are recommended for their ease of use combined with enhancing gloss control, slip, and abrasion resistance.

Specialty Products for Coil Coatings
Texture Series
The texture series has become the industry standard for high bake coil coatings. These polyolefins provide texture with a “suede-like” feel. Because of their intrinsic high melt viscosity, they will not lose their particle definition at metal temperatures as high as 500ºF. They are highly resistant to all solvents.
Applications include single coat reproducible texturing. We recommend Texture 5378 

Waxes for Solvent or Water based systems

SST® Series
Shamrock’s leading family of micronized PTFE are insoluble in all solvents, even at melt temperatures up to 600ºF. They are used for maximum abrasion resistance and slip requirements in demanding applications. More than 100 grades are available, ranging from submicron to 30 microns average particle size. Applications: Interior or Exterior coil coated topcoats.

S-Series Micronized Waxes
These micronized waxes promote slip and increase mar resistance. They exhibit limited solubility in solvents, thus avoiding re-crystallization that may cause grind or recoatability problems. Choose from
S-379H, S-394 and S-395. Applications: Backer or topcoats

FluoroSLIP® series
FluoroSLIP products are combinations of high melting synthetic wax and PTFE in varying molecular weights that provide a range of properties to improve slip and mar resistance. Choose from FluoroSLIP® 225 for outstanding slip; FluoroSLIP® 511 for excellent abrasion resistance or new FluoroSLIP® 421 for slip, mar/abrasion resistance and gloss retention. 
Applications: Single and topcoat coil applied finishes.

S-Series Wax Alloys
These alloys are comprised of waxes of selected chemical families developed in optimum ratios to achieve a maximum balance of slip, abrasion resistance, anti-block and gloss control. Choose from selections such as S-232 or slip, abrasion resistance , clarity and gloss retention especially in water-based coatings; S-363 to reduce metal marking and lower gloss with reduced burnishing; S-381 to produce satin or flat finishes; S-400 for anti-block resistance; or S-Nauba 5021 for hardness and gloss retention.
Applications: Single or Topcoat applications.

Taber polyolefin waxes
A family of polyolefins, PTFE and wax blends, Taber waxes are specifically developed for taber abrasion and falling sand resistance. Choose from selections such as S-275 for outstanding taber abrasion and surface slip; or S-483 or S-512 for outstanding taber abrasion when reduced COF is not desired. Applications: High wear resistance coatings.

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Shamrock pioneered the development of PTFE and wax additives in the 1970s, first for inks and coatings, and later for a wide range of applications including lubricants, personal care products, polymer additives, and many more.

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